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Sustentación tesis doctoral - Crhistian Segura

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    tesis doctoral crhistian segura uniandes

    El próximo 27 de junio el estudiante  Crhistian Segura sustentará su tesis doctoral de manera virtual.

Lugar: Virtual
Fecha: 27 de Junio del 2022
hora: 12:30 pm

El próximo lunes 27 de junio a las 12:30 p.m. el estudiante doctoral, Crhistian Camilo Segura , sustentará su tesis titulada A Low-Cost Multi-Technique Portable Electrochemical Device For Remote Biosensors asesorada por el profesor asociado del Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica, Johann Osma.

A continuación compartimos el resumen de la tesis:


The research world is constantly advancing toward new inventions and expanding the knowledge boundaries. The recent increase in remote work worldwide impacts every industry, and science is no exception. One of these implications is that the number of researchers increased faster than in previous years. Not all research facilities can sustain this increment and do not have enough equipment for everyone to work; due to cost or space. However, some researchers started to develop their own measurement devices designed to fulfill research specifications but have some limits compared to commercial devices.

Those measurement devices cost a fraction of the commercial equipment; they are built using low-cost components and tend to be smaller than traditional lab equipment. Furthermore, they had lower power consumption, resulting in smaller supply sources, which allows the devices to be powered by batteries, thus making them portable.

Some of them communicate between devices and from device to PC or smartphone. And with the great options available to store information in the cloud, some researchers create devices that keep the measurements in remote databases for further analysis. However, those devices only send information in one way, from the device to the pc and then to the cloud; here, we proposed a complete architecture of a remote system that can control portable devices, created with low-cost components with a full-duplex communication between them. To achieve this communication, we configure a web server and develop software capable of sending and receiving commands through a TCP/IP connection. This allows our device to be controlled from anywhere on the planet where the user has an internet connection. Also, the system can be expanded by creating new devices and connecting to the platform.

Finally, our system is a low-cost solution allowing researchers worldwide to work and interact with people from other laboratories and countries. Also, this kind of technology can be used where the environment is unsuitable for people or where the conditions need to be tightly controlled, such as the work with enzymes, cells, or other biological materials which can be contaminated easily. Also, it is an excellent choice for environments where a lower amount of human interaction is desired, such as the development or use of biosensors.


Enlace zoom:  https://bit.ly/sustentacion-doctoral-iele